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The NEW *MrTwister'z Cult & Travelling Freekshow*

"All characters and events in the stories contained within MrTwisterZ Cult and Travelling FreekShow-–even those based on real people–-are entirely fictional. The following material contains foul language and due to its offensive content it should never be viewed by anyone.

FINALLY!!!  Somewhere to say and do what ya want...  Hang out, play, fight, or just watch...
If you happen to be a Freek, want to learn to be a Freek, or you like hanging out with Freeks, Just register up in the corner and join... OR join FaceBooks MrTwister'z Cult and Travelling Freekshow by sending a Facebook friend request to Garrett Michaels (MrTwister'z alter ego) with the message "FreekShow" and I'll add ya to the FB group...

But if you are a FB hater like me, or maybe ya dont wanna be my friend, ya can just go up in the corner and REGISTER HERE IN THE NEW FREEKSHOW....  Theres all kinds of STUFF here too, and it is a BRAND NEW FreekShow full of fun and surprises...Have some fun and tell your friends...

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